Charland Guitars

I have been a guitar maker for over 20 years now already!! My uncle Robert Scott, whom repaired instruments at the time and after seeing my woodworking skills, hands me a book on guitar building and says to me “I want you to read and study this book and then I want you to build one”… Needless to say I built my first and then read everything I could get my hands on about the making of guitars and following forums like the So I am completely self taught with the guidance of my Uncle Bob and fellow luthier by the name of Mario Proulx of “Proulx guitars” were a big help along the way. I’m always researching to better my craft and keep pushing my skill level for making my next one the “Best one yet”.

The feeling of hearing that first strum of a “fresh off the bench” guitar is extremely satisfying and addicting.

Hope you enjoy browsing through my website
Brigitte Charland